LumaSync EQ API

A graphic equalizer JS plugin
that makes visualizing your music easy.


Load our JS File into your HTML file, located at this link:

Create a DIV element with an ID tag of 'eqapi'.

Set up your settings by defining global variables, as refrenced below.

Call eqapiStart(); after you have defined your settings to start the equalizer.

Settings & Integrations

Listed below is every settings toggle that you can change to customize your equalizer the way you want it, and what the accepted values are for each toggle. Each settings toggle is defined as a global var. Any settings that are not defined will be loaded with default values that are also listed below.


Audio URL for player. Default = none.
Any valid audio URL accepted.


Image URL for center icon. Default = LumaSync Logo.
Any valid image URL or SRC accepted. Use a 1:1 or square aspect ratio image for best results.

eqapiHue, eqapiSat, eqapiBright

HSL color selector. Default = 18, 100, 50.
Any HSL values accepted.


Spin animation speed. Default = 0.
Animation loop speed in seconds, 0 = Off


Multiplier for bar height. Default = 3


Audio EQ Smoothness. Default = 0.65.
Changes how quickly the EQ reacts to changes in the music.


Toggles Rainbow mode. Default = 0.
0 = Off, 1 = On


Rainbow color shift intensity. Default = 0.6.
Modifier that makes oscilating colors pulse with music. 0 = no intensity change


Enables player time update. Default = 0.
Calls eqapiTimeUpdateFunc() for time updates. 0 = Off, 1 = On.


Enables Shading. Default = 0.
0 = Off, 1 = On


Defines EQ resolution relative to native. Default = 1.
Any integer value accepted.


Defines ammount of FFT bins. Default = 8192.
The sample "resolution" that is extracted from audio source. Must be a power of 2 between 2^5 and 2^15.


Defines ammount of EQ bars. Default = 200.
Any integer value accepted.


Every other bar is averaged between it's neighbors. Default = 1.
Can create the effect of higher sample rate w/o actually increasing FFT size. 0 = Off, 1 = On.


Bar count shift intensity. Default = 0.25.
Modifier that makes bar count pulse with music. 0 = no intensity change.


Defines EQ bar width in px. Default = 5.
Any integer value accepted.


EQ bar width scaling. Default = 1.
Scales the width of the EQ bars to be relative to the size of the parent element. 0 = Off, 1 = On


Toggles 3D mode. Default = 0.
0 = Off, 1 = Linear, 2 = Bezier Curve


EQ pixel rendering at lower-than-native resolution. Default = 0.
0 = anti-aliased, smooth edges, 1 = aliased, sharp edges.


EQ smoothing constant. Default = 0.65.
0 = no smoothing, 1 = max smoothing

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